Thursday, April 2, 2009

Press Release: Cellular Carriers Need to Surrender Revenue From Illegal Cell Phones Found in Prisons

Cellular Carriers Need to Surrender Revenue From Illegal Cell Phones Found in Prisons, Says CEO of CellAntenna Corporation

Las Vegas, NV/ April 1, 2009 – At the CTIA exhibition in Las Vegas, attendee Howard Melamed CEO of CellAntenna Corporation, a company that sells solutions for mobile phone signal problems and produces jamming equipment for prisons, is demanding that cell phone service providers surrender to department of correction authorities money earned from illegal cell phones found in prisons. The money would pay for the extra guards and equipment needed to tackle the growing epidemic of inmates using cell phones in prisons. Currently, illegal cell phones smuggled into prisons are the foremost problem facing correctional officials.

“The cellular providers through the CTIA say they sympathize and support law enforcement in their fight against illegal cell phones in prisons but lobby our government to deny law enforcement access to jamming equipment,” said Howard Melamed, President and CEO of CellAntenna. “As long as they oppose providing law enforcement the authority to jam illegal cell phones, they should voluntarily turn over any revenue made from illegal cell phones to them. No one should profit from criminals.”

Under the CellAntenna proposal a correctional facility that finds a cell phone used by an inmate can order the carrier associated with that cell phone to turn over all income earned from the illegal cell phone. Millions of dollars in revenue that the carriers are making would fund the cost of the searches and other less effective equipment that CTIA wants the prison authorities to use.

“Taxpayers need to know that it is costing our state and local governments millions of dollars for our prison authorities to search for cell phones,” continued Melamed. “CTIA representing the cellular service providers is standing in the way of law enforcement officers by denying them access to 100% effective low cost jamming equipment. The least they can do is pay for additional enforcement and security to assist prisons in tracking elusive cell phones.”

CellAntenna’s CJAM equipment is the only known way of jamming cell phone signals in a prison without affecting the surrounding neighborhood and the public safety radios. The company has been leading a nationwide fight to allow state and local law enforcement officials the authority to use cell phone jamming equipment that is currently not allowed under federal law.

About CellAntenna Corporation
Headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida, and offices in England and Poland, CellAntenna Corporation provides packaged, custom, and even rapid deployment cellular repeater systems for residential, commercial and government use. The company’s new products provide communication during disasters and where signal enhancement is required for saving lives. CellAntenna is involved in the limiting of cellular communication in prisons and in areas of high security. In addition, CellAntenna works on new and innovative applications for its systems and develops new, cutting-edge technologies.

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