Friday, September 28, 2012

Guard Fired for Smuggling Contraband Cellphone

On Wednesday, KSLA reported that a guard in Hempstead County, Arkansas was fired for smuggling contraband cellphones and other illegal items into the prison where he worked.

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CellAntenna Corporation, and our affiliate CJAM, work with correctional facilities worldwide to prevent illegal cell phones in prisons through engineering solutions including: detection, managed access, and cellphone jamming.  Visit, or email us for more information about this growing problem and the solutions available to combat it.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Who is at Fault: The Prisoner or The Guard?

A Sing Sing prisoner received five years in solitary confinement for purchasing an illegal cellphone that was sold to him by a prison guard.  Click here to read the story in detail:

While many could debate the chicken-or-egg scenario accompanying the question of 'Who is at Fault', it cannot be debated that illegal cellphones as the newest form of contraband in prisons is an ongoing and ever-increasing problem.  CellAntenna Corporation, and its affiliate, provide cellphone detection, management, and jamming solutions for correctional facilities worldwide.

Monday, September 17, 2012

CellAntenna and Affiliate, CA Wireless, Offer 4G LTE Upgrade

As the iPhone 5 is released, new attention is being paid to 4G LTE.  Click here to read about 4G and what it means:

CellAntenna and our affiliate, CA Wireless, now offer the 4G LTE upgrade for buildings.

The upgrade is a fast, efficient and affordable solution that meets the demands of customers around the world. The 4G LTE upgrade can be integrated into existing in-building (DAS) Digital Antenna Systems.

CA Wireless provides customized engineering solutions in buildings where cell phone service does not exist.

Although private individuals possess cell phones that are outfitted with 4G LTE capabilities, users are rarely able to access the full technology capabilities of the network as a result of non- implementation of technology in rural areas or large buildings. The 4G LTE upgrade provides a custom-engineered solution designed by CA Wireless engineers, who are able to anticipate current and future wireless requirements.

The 4G LTE upgrade results in seamless voice and data communication that delivers timely and accurate information accessible anywhere, enabling increased response time and maximized operational efficiency for businesses and organizations. Additionally, the upgrade provides easier access to security and emergency services in compliance with nationwide public safety codes.

The 4G LTE upgrade is applicable to the following industries: Hotels, Hospitals, Residential High- Rise Construction, Public Safety & Security, Higher Education, and Public and Private Enterprise.

About CA Wireless: CA Wireless delivers logistical communication solutions through the implementation of cutting- edge RF technology domestically and internationally. The company provides engineered hardware and software solutions for public and private enterprises and organizations. CA Wireless is a division of CellAntenna Corporation, an international systems aggregator with offices in the U.S. and Europe. Users looking for more information on the LTE upgrade can utilize the CA Wireless dedicated toll-free line at (877) 401-1944, or email

More information is available at

Friday, September 14, 2012

How important is your cellphone?

How important is your cellphone or smartphone to you?  The following article details our ever-increasing dependence on our cellphones as communication tools:

HealthStyle: Cellphone mania

Make sure your cellphone is in working order!  Visit to view our pre-packaged selection of cellphone amplification tools, including: antennas, boosters, and repeater kits.

Illegal Cellphones Cost UK over $30k Annually for Storage

The BBC reported this week that the UK spends over $30,000 per year to store illegal cellphones confiscated in correctional facilities.  Click here to read the article:

The phones, which are the newest form of contraband in prisons, are often found during raids.  The fines of storing the phones, which are returned to the prisoners upon release, is left to the taxpayers.  Several government officials are now calling for an end to the practice.

CA Wireless and, subsidiaries of CellAntenna Corporation, work with prisons worldwide to combat illegal cellphones.  Through detection, managed access, and jamming, prison officials are able to control communication by inmates.  Visit to learn more about solutions for correctional facilities.

Illegal Cell Phones Used in Prison Guard Hostage Situation

In South Carolina, a prison guard was overtaken - but rescued - as the result of illegal inmate cell phones in the facility.  Click here to read the article:

After a 5-hour standoff, inmates inside the maximum-security facility used their contraband cell phones to alert authorities that the guard was locked inside a closet within the prison.  Following the guard's rescue, the prison performed a sweep to locate the illegal phones used to alert them to the guard's location.

The topic of contraband cell phones has escalated in recent months.  In most cases,  the illegal phones have been used to further the criminal activity of the inmates.  CellAntenna, and its affiliate, CJAM, work with the prisons worldwide to detect, control, and jam contraband phones within correctional facilities.  Visit for more information about our solutions.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cell Phones on Planes and the FAA

There is much discussion surrounding the topic of Cell Phones on airplanes since Congress has asked the FAA to investigate the effects pertaining to cell phone use on planes.

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The FAA has opened the debate for public opinion, and CellAntenna Corporation will be issuing our opinion.

CellAntenna formerly contested the assumption that cell phone use would interfere with a plane's overall functionality.  If that were the case, cell phones would not be allowed on airplanes at all.  Click here to read CellAntenna's opinion.

As we formulate our opinion about cell phone use via base station being permitted on aircraft, we will ask relevant questions with regard to the alternate ways in which phones could be used that do not suit the general public while flying.

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