Monday, May 3, 2010

Promoting The “Made In America” Message Overseas

CellAntenna and International Communication

At CellAntenna, we are proud of the fact that our products are designed, developed and manufactured in the United States. While Europe is highly regarded for wireless technological advancements, some of the most bleeding-edge cellular communications equipment is being developed here in America. We continue to receive a lot of interest and requests from companies across the world that see the benefit of leveraging our expertise. Whether we are providing cell phone signal repeaters to organizations in Poland, or helping jails in Brazil jam inmates’ illegal cell phone signals, it is clear that managing and sometimes outright controlling cell phone reception is a priority in today’s world—no matter where you are.

I’m excited that this week, I will be participating in the “Export Now! European Business Opportunities Forum,” to be held Thursday, May 6 at the Hyatt Regency Miami. At the event I will be speaking about CellAntenna and how our business has found success exporting our products overseas with the help of the U.S. Commercial Service.

If you are planning to attend the event, my presentation begins at 9:15 a.m., and you can see the agenda here.

Howard Melamed, CEO
CellAntenna Corporation

Monday, April 5, 2010

Howard Melamed to Speak at Counter Terror Expo 2010 in U.K.

Critical Issues Surrounding International Mobile Phone Terrorism Discussed by Howard Melamed

WHAT: Howard Melamed, CEO and president of CellAntenna Corporation, will speak at the upcoming Counter Terror Expo 2010 being held on April 14-15 in the U.K. His address is scheduled for Thursday, April 15. The presentation, titled, “Strategy and Tactics Used to Defend against Mobile Phone Terrorism,” will discuss the threat of mobile phones used in terrorist attacks, as well as strategies to combat the issue, including mobile phone jamming, mobile phone signal detection and controlling services.

WHO: Howard Melamed, CEO and president of CellAntenna Corporation, a multinational telecommunications company, is an expert in cellular technology. He has recently appeared on the BBC and has also been on numerous television and radio shows in the U.S. and abroad. He is a frequent speaker at key conferences related to the issue of mobile phone terrorism. With offices in the U.S., U.K. and Poland, CellAntenna specializes in providing mobile phone control, detection and interception systems for security purposes to governments around the world.

WHERE: Counter Terror Expo will be held April 14-15 at National Hall, Olympia, London, U.K. For more information on the conference, please visit

WHEN: Howard Melamed’s session will be held on Thursday, April 15, 2010, from 12:35-12:55 p.m., GMT, as part of the Information and Communication Systems Workshop scheduled in Theatre 2.

Friday, March 19, 2010

CellAntenna To Receive Export Achievement Award

Via Sys-Con Media

Howard Melamed, CEO and president of CellAntenna Corporation, will be recognized by the U.S. Commercial Service for his company’s contributions to the U.S. trade export industry at an event hosted by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce on Monday, March 22 in Miami, FL. Jose Fernandez, assistant secretary for the U.S. Department of State, will present the Export Achievement Award certificates to CellAntenna and other recipients. Following the award ceremony and press conference, Melamed will participate as a panelist in a roundtable discussion on current trade issues.

The Export Achievement Certificate Presentation will be held on Monday, March 22 from 12 to 2 p.m. EDT.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CellAntenna Launches New Website

CellAntenna Corporation has some big news. Today we have launched our brand new website design which should make finding the products you need to help fight the battle against poor cellphone signal much much easier. We have a brand new color scheme for our website as well as many new features to make your experience a more enjoyable one.

Some of the new features of our website:
    • Brand new search engine to help you find the exact product you are looking for. (Located on the left of the homepage.)

    • Easy navigation menus sorted easily to help you find everything you need.

    • Links to our social media sites.

    • Easy to use FAQ and Reference section to help answer any pre or post sales questions.

    • Many more new features. Browse around the site!

  • We encourage you to follow us on Twitter to stay up on the latest CellAntenna news and promotions.

    You can also leave us feedback about our new website by using the feedback link on the left side of the webpage.

    Enjoy the new CellAntenna Corporation website!

    Monday, March 15, 2010

    CellAntenna CEO Featured in Wired Magazine

    On paper, it’s a no-brainer: Prisoners have mobile phones they are using to run gangs, call friends, and intimidate witnesses. Tech companies have the equipment to jam the phones by flooding the airwaves, and prisons want to use them. But the 1930s law setting up the nation’s telecommunications bureaucracy makes such jamming illegal.

    That drives Howard Melamed, the CEO of CellAntenna, crazy. Witnesses are dying and gangs are flourishing because Congress has yet to put the Safe Prison’s Act bill on President Obama’s desk, Melamed argues. His company, which mostly sells tech to expand cell coverage inside buildings, also does some business in jammers. And over the last seven years, he’s become one of the most public faces of the campaign to rid prisons of rogue cell phones.

    “Criminals behind bars are doing what they do best which is break the law,” Melamed said. “People are being killed by criminals using cell phones in prisons to arrange hits on witnesses.”

    Read More

    Sunday, February 28, 2010

    NTIA Releases Cell Jamming Report

    The National Telecommunications and Information Administration has a released a report detailing the results of tests conducted at its Boulder, Colo., lab in December on mobile phone signal jamming equipment. The tests were done as some members of Congress and others push to permit jammers to be allowed to be used in prisons.

    The testing, which was done mainly in a radio-anechoic chamber, involved a jammer supplied by CellAntenna Corp. that used both the 800 megahertz cellular and 1900 MHz PCS bands. The equipment operated at a power level of up to 100 watts, and emissions were measured in bands from 100 MHz to 6 gigahertz.

    "If jamming were to be performed across the full width of the targeted bands, improved RF output filtering might be needed to reduce the device's out-of-band (OOB) emission levels in the adjacent bands," the report said. "An alternative approach to reducing OOB emissions in the adjacent bands would be to reduce the device's in-band chirp width while using less-effective RF output filtering."

    "The device's unwanted emissions are better contained within the cellular and PCS bands when the chirp range is limited to a 2 MHz band segment vs. a full band," the report added. "The diplexer did improve the OOB roll-off in the spectrum immediately adjacent to the jammed bands, although measurable emissions did occur in those bands even with the diplexer installed. Beyond the OOB region of the adjacent bands, and with the exception of one emission near 3000 MHz, installation of the diplexer reduced unwanted spectrum emissions to levels that were below the 100 dB [decibels] dynamic range of the measurement system across the range of 100 MHz to 6 GHz."

    The report did not address (1) whether CellAntenna's product was effective at jamming signals, (2) OOB levels for "alternative jammer designs," and (3) "[t]he aggregate radiation level from a jammer installation."

    Howard Melamed, CellAntenna's president and chief executive officer, told TRDaily that he was pleased with how his equipment, a high-power device normally used for military purposes, performed.

    "What you see from the report is that the unit performed great, but needs to be placed within an engineered solution," he said. "At all times we made sure to point out to the NTIA that the solution to cell phones in prisons is not about a specific product but, rather, an engineered solution. Some of the points they made agreed with us directly. Better filtering ( which we do) reduces the chance of out of band emissions."

    He said the same equipment, "configured by our engineers with our own specially designed filters," was used for an NTIA-run test last week at a federal prison in Cumberland, Md. Mr. Melamed called the prison demonstration "an overwhelming success."

    "We are proud to have participated in this experiment with the NTIA," he added. "The testing of the equipment has given the NTIA valuable information that they did not have before and now can no doubt supply the right advice to both the Federal Bureau of Prisons and Congress, so that jamming of cell phones can be deployed to keep us safe from criminals behind bars."- Paul Kirby,

    Thursday, January 14, 2010

    CellAntenna Combats Threat of Cell Phones in Prisons and Schools

    New CJAM™ Cell Phone Threat Scan Service Arms Authorities Against Contraband Cell Phones in Correctional Facilities and Schools

    CellAntenna Corporation is helping to combat the use of contraband cell phones in correctional facilities and schools. The company today unveiled its new CJAM™ Cell Phone Threat Scan (CTS) service, an important new offering that builds on the company’s years of leadership in enhancing or denying cellular signals. CJAM-CTS helps to stop crimes by prisoners and brings integrity back into the classroom. It gives prison and school administrators the ability to assess the extent of illegal and unauthorized cellular activity, and take steps to eliminate it from their environment.

    CJAM-CTS takes the guesswork out of understanding the scope of unsanctioned or prohibited activities within high risk facilities. The service consists of a detailed site evaluation, RF spectrum analysis, cell phone detection and threat modeling, scenario planning and development of a migration strategy for correctional facilities, schools or any other high risk environment that needs protection against threats caused by cell phones.

    “Finally there is a vaccine against the pandemic of cell phones in schools and behind prison walls,” said Howard Melamed, CEO of CellAntenna Corporation . “The CJAM-CTS allows facility and administration directors at institutions of all kinds to understand the threats that cell phones pose, and develop a strategic plan for combating them head on.”

    CJAM-CTS proactively places valuable information into the hands of budget planners and decision makers. Performing the evaluation prevents wasteful spending on needless systems in cases where cell phones are proven not to be a threat. With this information, administrators can accurately plan and budget for preventative measures as well as deploy solutions, such as CellAntenna’s CJAM-CPC, cell phone controlling, and once the legislation allowing jamming in prisons is passed, CJAM-NF jamming solutions. CJAM-CTS is currently available in the U.S. and will be available in Europe in Q2 2010.

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    Cell Phone replaces Ma Bell: Reducing Your Expense in Times of Economic Stress

    No matter what the economic conditions are, no one wants to waste money or ignore possible ways in which to lower their expenses. More than 260 million people in the United States now have cell phones, and there are millions who still have regular landline service to their homes. However, most will rely today on their cell phone first, and seem to be picking up regular house phone less and less. Our reliance on the cell phone is for good reason. Most people keep it on them, and the cell phone of course is not tethered in any way as a home phone is. I haven’t yet seen anyone with a bulky home phone strapped to their waste. So why not use the cell phone instead of the landline? Do away with the double billing, and make use of the minutes you pay for anyway. Using our DockNTalk product line might just be the solution for you.

    The DockNTalk plugs into any jack in your home. It connects to your cell phone either wirelessly by Bluetooth or through the data port located most of the time to the bottom of your cell phone. When a call comes in on the cell phone,. The DockNtalk rings all the phones in your house, the same way a regular landline would. Picking up any phone in your house, answers the call as if the cell phone was right next to you. When you want to make a call, you pick up any phone in your house, just like when you had a landline, and dial. Simple as that! Even better, you can place the DockNTalk near a window that has a good signal , plug it into your charger supplied with the cell phone. This allows you to answer your cell phone on any home phones even though the signal is a weak in the rest of your home… You could always add our repeater system or antennas to increase the cell phone signal in weak areas.

    When you leave your house…..take the cell phone with you and you will never miss a call. When you come back, the DockNTalk reconnects to your cell phone automatically when it is 12 foot range of the blue tooth signal…seem lees operation!

    The DockNTalk is one of our best selling products and we rarely get any returns. Why carry both a cell phone and a landline? Get rid of the old and bring on the new! DockNTalk saves you money.