Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cell Phone replaces Ma Bell: Reducing Your Expense in Times of Economic Stress

No matter what the economic conditions are, no one wants to waste money or ignore possible ways in which to lower their expenses. More than 260 million people in the United States now have cell phones, and there are millions who still have regular landline service to their homes. However, most will rely today on their cell phone first, and seem to be picking up regular house phone less and less. Our reliance on the cell phone is for good reason. Most people keep it on them, and the cell phone of course is not tethered in any way as a home phone is. I haven’t yet seen anyone with a bulky home phone strapped to their waste. So why not use the cell phone instead of the landline? Do away with the double billing, and make use of the minutes you pay for anyway. Using our DockNTalk product line might just be the solution for you.

The DockNTalk plugs into any jack in your home. It connects to your cell phone either wirelessly by Bluetooth or through the data port located most of the time to the bottom of your cell phone. When a call comes in on the cell phone,. The DockNtalk rings all the phones in your house, the same way a regular landline would. Picking up any phone in your house, answers the call as if the cell phone was right next to you. When you want to make a call, you pick up any phone in your house, just like when you had a landline, and dial. Simple as that! Even better, you can place the DockNTalk near a window that has a good signal , plug it into your charger supplied with the cell phone. This allows you to answer your cell phone on any home phones even though the signal is a weak in the rest of your home… You could always add our repeater system or antennas to increase the cell phone signal in weak areas.

When you leave your house…..take the cell phone with you and you will never miss a call. When you come back, the DockNTalk reconnects to your cell phone automatically when it is 12 foot range of the blue tooth signal…seem lees operation!

The DockNTalk is one of our best selling products and we rarely get any returns. Why carry both a cell phone and a landline? Get rid of the old and bring on the new! DockNTalk saves you money.

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