Thursday, January 14, 2010

CellAntenna Combats Threat of Cell Phones in Prisons and Schools

New CJAM™ Cell Phone Threat Scan Service Arms Authorities Against Contraband Cell Phones in Correctional Facilities and Schools

CellAntenna Corporation is helping to combat the use of contraband cell phones in correctional facilities and schools. The company today unveiled its new CJAM™ Cell Phone Threat Scan (CTS) service, an important new offering that builds on the company’s years of leadership in enhancing or denying cellular signals. CJAM-CTS helps to stop crimes by prisoners and brings integrity back into the classroom. It gives prison and school administrators the ability to assess the extent of illegal and unauthorized cellular activity, and take steps to eliminate it from their environment.

CJAM-CTS takes the guesswork out of understanding the scope of unsanctioned or prohibited activities within high risk facilities. The service consists of a detailed site evaluation, RF spectrum analysis, cell phone detection and threat modeling, scenario planning and development of a migration strategy for correctional facilities, schools or any other high risk environment that needs protection against threats caused by cell phones.

“Finally there is a vaccine against the pandemic of cell phones in schools and behind prison walls,” said Howard Melamed, CEO of CellAntenna Corporation . “The CJAM-CTS allows facility and administration directors at institutions of all kinds to understand the threats that cell phones pose, and develop a strategic plan for combating them head on.”

CJAM-CTS proactively places valuable information into the hands of budget planners and decision makers. Performing the evaluation prevents wasteful spending on needless systems in cases where cell phones are proven not to be a threat. With this information, administrators can accurately plan and budget for preventative measures as well as deploy solutions, such as CellAntenna’s CJAM-CPC, cell phone controlling, and once the legislation allowing jamming in prisons is passed, CJAM-NF jamming solutions. CJAM-CTS is currently available in the U.S. and will be available in Europe in Q2 2010.

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