Monday, May 3, 2010

Promoting The “Made In America” Message Overseas

CellAntenna and International Communication

At CellAntenna, we are proud of the fact that our products are designed, developed and manufactured in the United States. While Europe is highly regarded for wireless technological advancements, some of the most bleeding-edge cellular communications equipment is being developed here in America. We continue to receive a lot of interest and requests from companies across the world that see the benefit of leveraging our expertise. Whether we are providing cell phone signal repeaters to organizations in Poland, or helping jails in Brazil jam inmates’ illegal cell phone signals, it is clear that managing and sometimes outright controlling cell phone reception is a priority in today’s world—no matter where you are.

I’m excited that this week, I will be participating in the “Export Now! European Business Opportunities Forum,” to be held Thursday, May 6 at the Hyatt Regency Miami. At the event I will be speaking about CellAntenna and how our business has found success exporting our products overseas with the help of the U.S. Commercial Service.

If you are planning to attend the event, my presentation begins at 9:15 a.m., and you can see the agenda here.

Howard Melamed, CEO
CellAntenna Corporation