Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Public Safety – Emergency Services and the Need for Signal Enhancement Inside Buildings

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Communication is essential for Public Safety organizations to perform their responsibilities. The biggest problem is that most buildings of concrete or steel design resist the ability for radio frequencies to penetrate into occupied areas which are often in the center of the buildings. Not only are cell phone signals affected, but the fire and police radios as well. This means that in case of an emergency when police or fire department personnel are dispatched to perform a rescue, all too often are their radios are ineffective. This results in dangerous conditions for the officers fireman and the people that they are trying to rescue. Communication is Number 1 when it comes to public safety and without communication we are helpless. That is why some municipalities are incorporating into their city by-laws the requirement for new building construction to have adequate signal levels for police and fire department communication. The only way to boost the signal levels is to use repeaters such as the CellAntenna CAE-500 and 600 series made for Public Safety. For deep penetration below the surface into the parking garages, we can even deploy Fiber Optical Repeaters using our MOFORSAS system. CellAntenna also recognizes the need for emergency vehicles to have portable equipment and that is why we have been selling the CAE750 battery operated repeater to FEMA and to numerous police and fire departments across the country using the GSA Schedule. CellAntenna will help any city organization to develop criteria to place into their building codes in order to make buildings safe and secure for public safety agencies and the public.

Monday, March 30, 2009

CellAntenna Cell Phone Repeaters Naturally Improves 3G Performance

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3GMany people are now converting to the newer 3G ( Third Generation ) network cell phones that offer improved data transfer rates and internet access. However the 3G systems suffer from the same degradation of performance due to low signal levels indoors as did the previous systems. In order to have the maximum data transfer rate inside a building, you need to insure that you have adequate signal levels. Too low and the throughput drastically reduces or may not even allow for a reliable link. As well, the quality of the amplifier is a major factor with noisy Chinese made units offered by our competitors severely lowering performance. Our high quality low noise repeater systems are designed specifically to enhance digital signals. It is the very same repeaters we use for voice communication: No need to upgrade our systems or add additional capabilities. It is supplied, naturally!

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

The CAE50-GEMINI, Clearly Better Than Femto Cells

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In the past few months, a few carriers have come out with their solution to the problems of dropped calls experienced in a home. Having reviewed this solution, the bottom line: we are not impressed. There are several issues that are important for the consumer to weigh before purchasing the expensive units from the carriers.

FEMTO cells depend on the speed of the internet connection. Upload speed is as important as the download. Most consumers have good download speed at their home through their broadband provider, but the upload speed is far from ideal and slow. As well, with the use of the internet for media streaming, packet loss levels are now at an all time high, and the ‘ Hops’ , that is the amount of different providers you are connecting to until you get to the carrier’s servers, are random and large. All provide increase in latency, the time it takes to reach the server from your router which translates into a decrease in reliability. The increased time will result in excessive gaps between conversations between your cell phone and the party at the other end. However, The CAE50-Gemini gives you the same service as you can get outside your home, which in 99.99% of time...great!

GEMINI KitWhat the carriers are failing to tell you, is that the FEMTO cell you are buying works only for them. One Provider. Once you sign up and purchase the unit, you are stuck with their service. This means if you switch carriers, you will need to buy another FEMTO cell. IF you have two or more different service providers in your home ( as is often the case) only one will benefit or you need two boxes all connected to the same poor connection. Don’t even think about this for your office unless everyone is on the same service! The CAE50-Gemini repeater supports all the cellular providers at any time, so you are not locked in to a contract or provider, and you have increased the signal at your premises for everyone to use.

Then there is the question as to why the cellular service provider is not rebating you the cost of the broadband connection that you pay to get their service. There are even questions to the legality of cellular carriers providing you cell phone service through the internet. The FEMTO experiment was also performed in Europe.

There are very few cellular providers using it today due to the problems associated with it. So our recommendation is simple. Don’t waste your money on a FEMTO cell. Get the CAE50-Gemini repeater instead.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

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