Monday, March 30, 2009

CellAntenna Cell Phone Repeaters Naturally Improves 3G Performance

Welcome to your Wireless World for March 31, 2009…

3GMany people are now converting to the newer 3G ( Third Generation ) network cell phones that offer improved data transfer rates and internet access. However the 3G systems suffer from the same degradation of performance due to low signal levels indoors as did the previous systems. In order to have the maximum data transfer rate inside a building, you need to insure that you have adequate signal levels. Too low and the throughput drastically reduces or may not even allow for a reliable link. As well, the quality of the amplifier is a major factor with noisy Chinese made units offered by our competitors severely lowering performance. Our high quality low noise repeater systems are designed specifically to enhance digital signals. It is the very same repeaters we use for voice communication: No need to upgrade our systems or add additional capabilities. It is supplied, naturally!

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