Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Public Safety – Emergency Services and the Need for Signal Enhancement Inside Buildings

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Communication is essential for Public Safety organizations to perform their responsibilities. The biggest problem is that most buildings of concrete or steel design resist the ability for radio frequencies to penetrate into occupied areas which are often in the center of the buildings. Not only are cell phone signals affected, but the fire and police radios as well. This means that in case of an emergency when police or fire department personnel are dispatched to perform a rescue, all too often are their radios are ineffective. This results in dangerous conditions for the officers fireman and the people that they are trying to rescue. Communication is Number 1 when it comes to public safety and without communication we are helpless. That is why some municipalities are incorporating into their city by-laws the requirement for new building construction to have adequate signal levels for police and fire department communication. The only way to boost the signal levels is to use repeaters such as the CellAntenna CAE-500 and 600 series made for Public Safety. For deep penetration below the surface into the parking garages, we can even deploy Fiber Optical Repeaters using our MOFORSAS system. CellAntenna also recognizes the need for emergency vehicles to have portable equipment and that is why we have been selling the CAE750 battery operated repeater to FEMA and to numerous police and fire departments across the country using the GSA Schedule. CellAntenna will help any city organization to develop criteria to place into their building codes in order to make buildings safe and secure for public safety agencies and the public.

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