Friday, June 1, 2012

CellAntenna Corporation Introduces CJAM-JDECK Surgical Jamming System

Coral Springs, FL – CellAntenna Corporation, experts in combating cell phone threats, has introduced its latest product, the CJAM-JDECK Low-Jamming System, for use by customs and immigration departments worldwide to fight illegal activities conducted via cell phones.

The CJAM-JDECK is a low-level jammer that is installed under-the-counter for use in customs and immigration departments.  The jammer is designed to prevent illegal cell phone activity in lines at the airport at customs and immigration points where cell phones are prohibited.  As lengthy lines, illegal immigrants, substances and contraband have become increasingly problematic for customs and immigration officials, CellAntenna has created a product solution.

“Illegal use of cell phones has become an increasing pandemic,” stated CellAntenna Corporation CEO, Howard Melamed.  “The challenge that our customs and immigrations officials face is the amount of time required to enforce prohibited cell phone use.”

CellAntenna’s solution is surgically placed in the area so that it is capable of blocking calls and text messages by those being processed in customs and immigrations, but allows communication by employees and law enforcement.  The system remains idle through a low-power RF signature that affects only cell phones in the immediate area without affecting law enforcement communication.  The jammer only powers on when cell phone use is detected by a text or call being made or received.  The unit is easy and adjustable and is able to notify an agent of prohibted use and the agent is able to immediately jam the cell signal.  The unit has three capabilities: detect-only, detect-jam (jams only when call/text in progress), or full-jam, depending on varying scenarios.

CellAntenna’s proven systems are currently used by U.S. Federal governments and agencies, as well as international customers where jamming is legal.  Cell phone jamming is prohibited for general use in the United States as a result of the 1934 Communications act, which prohibits interference with RF signal.

CellAntenna Corporation offers a complete portfolio of cell phone detection, control and jamming solutions in order to solve cell phone threat management scenarios worldwide.

CellAntenna delivers systems integration with customized solutions according to varying technologies and price-points.

About CellAntenna

CellAntenna Corporation and its affiliate, CA WIRELESS, provide cell phone signal enhancement in buildings and cell phone control solutions for law enforcement. CellAntenna signal booster integration has customers worldwide and specializes in distributed antenna systems. CJAM Cell phone jamming, detection and managed access solutions are used by prisons and other security-sensitive customers. More information available at: