Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cell Phones Cannot Crash Planes


CellAntenna Says FAA is Wrong

Coral Springs, FL – CellAntenna’s CEO contested that cell phones do not interfere with airplane navigational equipment, and cell phone use during takeoffs and landings cannot crash airplanes.

FAA rules dictate that airlines force passengers to turn off cell phones during takeoffs and landings because of interference problems with navigational equipment. This ruling went into effect when tower operators complained that cell phone use on airplanes was generating havoc on systems, as cell phones contacted more than one tower and caused interference.  Older models of cell phones, like cell bag phones, emitted larger transmissions.  This has been corrected in this century, as cellular carrier software has experienced upgrades and small, low-energy pocket and smart phones have become prevalent. The FAA has not updated its rules to accommodate such cell phone progression.

“It’s ridiculous that Flight Attendants, who are not engineers, and have no knowledge of engineering make-up of planes, tell passengers to turn off their cell phone because it interferes with navigational equipment,” stated Howard Melamed, CEO of CellAntenna.  “It frightens passengers and it is unnecessary. If the FAA was right, and cell phones were dangerous, why would they even allow them on airplanes? There are reasons for keeping a cell phone off before takeoff and landing, which include making sure attention is given to safety procedures and for common courtesy.  However, since it’s almost impossible to make a call above 3500 feet, let alone at cruising altitude, keeping the cell phone on will ultimately only drain battery as it tries to reach a tower with which it cannot communicate”.

Melamed further states that CellAntenna engineers and manufactures cell phone detection equipment that is used by law enforcement on trains, in correctional facilities, and can also be used on planes, but to date no inquiries have ever been received on behalf of an airline or the FAA. “If this were truly the issue, we would know about it. “

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