Friday, September 14, 2012

Illegal Cell Phones Used in Prison Guard Hostage Situation

In South Carolina, a prison guard was overtaken - but rescued - as the result of illegal inmate cell phones in the facility.  Click here to read the article:

After a 5-hour standoff, inmates inside the maximum-security facility used their contraband cell phones to alert authorities that the guard was locked inside a closet within the prison.  Following the guard's rescue, the prison performed a sweep to locate the illegal phones used to alert them to the guard's location.

The topic of contraband cell phones has escalated in recent months.  In most cases,  the illegal phones have been used to further the criminal activity of the inmates.  CellAntenna, and its affiliate, CJAM, work with the prisons worldwide to detect, control, and jam contraband phones within correctional facilities.  Visit for more information about our solutions.

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