Monday, September 17, 2012

CellAntenna and Affiliate, CA Wireless, Offer 4G LTE Upgrade

As the iPhone 5 is released, new attention is being paid to 4G LTE.  Click here to read about 4G and what it means:

CellAntenna and our affiliate, CA Wireless, now offer the 4G LTE upgrade for buildings.

The upgrade is a fast, efficient and affordable solution that meets the demands of customers around the world. The 4G LTE upgrade can be integrated into existing in-building (DAS) Digital Antenna Systems.

CA Wireless provides customized engineering solutions in buildings where cell phone service does not exist.

Although private individuals possess cell phones that are outfitted with 4G LTE capabilities, users are rarely able to access the full technology capabilities of the network as a result of non- implementation of technology in rural areas or large buildings. The 4G LTE upgrade provides a custom-engineered solution designed by CA Wireless engineers, who are able to anticipate current and future wireless requirements.

The 4G LTE upgrade results in seamless voice and data communication that delivers timely and accurate information accessible anywhere, enabling increased response time and maximized operational efficiency for businesses and organizations. Additionally, the upgrade provides easier access to security and emergency services in compliance with nationwide public safety codes.

The 4G LTE upgrade is applicable to the following industries: Hotels, Hospitals, Residential High- Rise Construction, Public Safety & Security, Higher Education, and Public and Private Enterprise.

About CA Wireless: CA Wireless delivers logistical communication solutions through the implementation of cutting- edge RF technology domestically and internationally. The company provides engineered hardware and software solutions for public and private enterprises and organizations. CA Wireless is a division of CellAntenna Corporation, an international systems aggregator with offices in the U.S. and Europe. Users looking for more information on the LTE upgrade can utilize the CA Wireless dedicated toll-free line at (877) 401-1944, or email

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