Monday, April 6, 2009

Cell Phone Higher Talk Time Results in More Dropped Calls

Welcome to your Wireless World for April 6, 2009…

When cell phone manufacturers come out with statements that claim their particular cell phone model has greater talk time compared to others, BUYER BEWARE! Not much has changed in the cellular industry with regard to batteries and the amount of energy available to power cell phones. Current technology involves Lithium Batteries ( Lithium Iron Cobalt) which have been the main staple of every cell phone manufacture over the past five to seven years. So All this means is that the cell phone manufacturers have decided to lower the transmitting power of the cell phone, increasing the battery discharge time but lowering your ability to reach the cellular towers so that you can make a phone call without it dropping. In other words they had to get the extra energy for longer talk time somewhere and they didn’t care if it is at the reliability expense of your now limited mobile phone. The only true way to increase talk time and to lower the transmitting power level of your cell phone is to increase your cell phone’s ability to reach the tower with a lower signal. Adding a CellAntenna repeater system to your home or office does exactly that. Our customers comment that their cell phone seems to last for days now that they have installed a simple CAE50 system. Adding a repeater not only makes your cell phone more efficient but also protects against harmful electromagnetic radiation coming from high cell phone transmission levels that may be dangerous. Contact one of our sales associates for more information.

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