Thursday, April 9, 2009

MOFORSAS™ IN BUILDING FIBRE OPTIC REPEATER SYSTEMS allow unprecedented distribution of communication in Hospitals, Hotels, University and Multi-Story Multi-Campus Buildings

Welcome to your Wireless World for April 10, 2009…

With new services Wimax, AWS, and MediaFLO ™ services for Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon respectively starting up in the near future current in building wireless integrator may not be fully prepared to offer all of the services to its customers. CellAntenna now has the solution: MOFORSAS™, Multiple Output Fiber Optic Repeater Smart Antennas System that handles all wireless communication services from 380 MHz through to 2500 MHz This allows for not only regular cellular and PCS services to be enhanced in a building, but allows for the integration of Public Safety, Paging, Cellular, SMR, Nextel, PCS, Satellite Radio, GPS, Wi-fi, AWS, MediaFLO™, and Wimax . In fact, MOFORSAS™ can distribute any frequency in this range. This allows every building owner or facility manager to be prepared for the coming 10-15 years of technology. The MOFORSAS™ can be deployed quickly using multimode fiber optic cabling, already installed in many of the future customer’s buildings. This new achievement is cutting edge but does not strain the budget. For more information on these and other products, please speak with one of our sales representatives.


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