Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CellAntenna Corporation Response to article Regarding Wi-Fi Blocking Wallpaper

CELLANTENNA RESPONSE TO article: "Wi-Fi blocking wallpaper improves security without hampering cellphone coverage"

Our company, CellAntenna Corporation, executes engineered solutions to solve RF problems. Our CEO, Howard Melamed, is a Civil Engineer and an expert in the area of RF.

After reading this article, Mr. Melamed pointed out the following:

In our company's experience, RF shielding wallpaper is not a new idea, and is in line with RF resistant paint. These are interesting items, but they simply do not work - they are usually the equivalent to using aluminum foil wallpaper in terms of its ability to boost or block RF signal. The materials never block RF signal consistently. The consistency would indicate that there was an actual solution. These "quick fixes" do not.

In the past, we have incorporated wallpaper, fabric and paint to reinforce existing RF jamming and detection systems. None of these passive items are new, and none of them are truly useful by themselves against RF signal. To outfit a building to block RF is an extensive engineering task.

Radiowaves, especially those that exist in Microwave bands travel through small openings in doors, windows, ceiling tiles and duct work. They come out of electrical outlets, transfer outside of metallic conduits and radiate around window frames. Hence, the application of a simple passive material solution to a complicated problem is ineffective.

Our company has worked with the federal government and international institutions to safely and effectively implement jamming solutions. We are advocates for the legality of jamming by law enforcement to prevent the illegal use of cell phones by criminals.

This product gives the impression that boosting and blocking RF signals is cheap, fast and perfect. These three words cannot exist in the same sentence when it comes to passive jamming.

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